Moslimblogger is een blog toegewijd aan zaken die vaak wel besproken worden door moslims maar niet geschreven. Wees vrij om reacties te plaatsen als je iets te melden hebt.


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    Geschreven door iemand anders, en wel toepasselijk na de zoveelste radicaal die nu een boekie schrijft (Abdelkarim Honing):
    When “former extremists” talk about the need to reform Islam (usually getting paid for it), my thought is:
    1. OK, so you were unstable enough and dumb enough to buy extremist rhetoric, and believe in ridiculous, immature, pseudo-political nonsense and drivel.
    2. You were dumb enough to act on it too.
    3. You knew so little about Islamic Law and ethics, that you were even willing to consider causing harm in the world.
    4. At the same point in life, the rest of us were studying, getting good grades, and getting jobs, while following our traditional beliefs and practices. We practiced traditional, orthodox Islam while being good citizens, students, children, and employees. Some of us even started to studied Islam formally in seminary institutions to understand it better. Something you still haven’t done.
    5. So…you want us to “reform” our religion, because you were an idiot? How about you disappear into a hole and examine why you are constantly after trying to feel important in the world – first as an extremist and now as a self-styled reformer. Some serious therapy may be in order.
    6. Maybe therapy isn’t necessary. It could just be the money.


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